Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay

Research & Development Program

Kuthodaw Piṭaka Research Project

1Kuthodaw Pagoda Piṭaka Inscriptions Transliteration2016 – presentR & D Team
2Kuthodaw Piṭaka Pāḷi Inscriptions: Origin, Implementation and Impact on Preservation of Pāḷi Literature in 21st Century2018-19MA 1st Batch
3The Chronological timeline of Kuthodaw Piṭaka Inscriptions2018 – presentR & D Team
4Kuthodaw Pagoda Piṭaka & Chaṭṭhasaṅghāyanā Piṭaka: Comparative Textual Analysis2019-20MA 3rd Batch
5The Role of Monks and Monasteries in the Operation of 5th
Buddhist Council in Myanmar: A Historical Analysis
2019-20MA 2nd Batch
6A Textual Study of Myanmar Piṭaka Parallels through the Integrated Approach of Dammācariya Methodology2020-21MA 3rd Batch
7Dhamma Lecturers’ Attitudes on the Historical Significance of Kuthodaw Pagoda Piṭaka Inscriptions of Pañcama Saṅgāyanā Version: Socio-historical Study2020-21MA 2nd Batch
8Kuthodaw Piṭaka Digital Library2020 – present IT
R & D Team