KP Project

(1) Kuthodaw Pitaka Research & Transliteration Project (2016 – Present)

(2) Kuthodaw Piṭaka Digital Library Project (2020 – Present)


(1) Kuthodaw Piṭaka Research Project Team

Research Affairs
Sitagu Buddhist Academy Mandalay
Mandalay, Myanmar

 SBAMTransliteration Work
WorkshopsSBAM R&D Team (Once a week during the semester and available time during the semester break)
Photos– Editing image background
– Adding inscription number
– Adding line numbers (1, 5, 10, etc.)
Texts  – Adding inscription no.
– Partitioning texts for each inscription 
– Adding line numbers
– Marking unclear letters/words
– Highlighting changes (between Chaṭṭhasaṅgāyanā texts and Kuthodaw inscriptions)
Revision– 3 Times (1 editing & 2 double-checks)
Contents– Creating contents, based on Chaṭṭhasaṅgāyanā Edition
– CS Page No. / KP Inscription No. / KP Line No.
 SBAMData Management
Data Format– Image: JPEG & PDF Format
– Text: MS Word & PDF Format
Storage– Library Archive
– Online Database
Public Access
Research Purpose
– Online access @
– CMS-based Website
– All inscriptions and texts with PDF View
– Pinpoint for each inscription with Google Map View
Upcoming– Mobile App

(2) Kuthodaw Piṭaka Project Team

Department of Indian Sub-continental Studies
University of Sydney
Sydney, Australia

 USKP Work
KP Inscription Photos– HQ Photos for 729 Piṭaka Inscriptions, 1 Historical Inscription, 3 Donation List Inscriptions
– 1 inscription in 7 photos (1 Stupa image, 3 images each for front and back inscription)
– 3 images (1 full and 2 upper and lower parts of inscription)
Tipiṭaka Pāḷi Texts– Vinaya/Suttana/Abhidhamma Piṭaka Pāḷi
– Chaṭṭhasaṅgāyana Version
– Title, Page No (MM & PTS)
Workshops– Project members from Australia @ SBA MDY (Occasionally)